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Rhino Rugby Thank You - Falcons 7s Tournament Review

By National Collegiate Rugby, 07/15/21, 5:45PM EDT


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Action shot of Lynn Kleyer
Headshot of Lynn Kleyer

Thank you Rhino Rugby!

National Collegiate Rugby and the NCR Selects Women's Team would like to thank Rhino Rugby for making participation in the Falcons 7s tournament possible.  This was an incredible way for the select team to build on a foundation of success that will follow our women's programs into next season.  

Lynn Kleyer, a Senior studying Public Health with an emphasis on Women's Health and Captain of the NCR Selects sits down with NCR Intern and teammate Kayla Dustin for an interview.  The Scrumhalf from University of Northern Iowa team breaks down the Falcons 7s tournament and the teams performance.

What was your favorite part about playing for the NCR Selects?

My favorite part about playing for NCR Selects was the opportunity to play upper-level competition with players that I have never met before. It was a lot to adjust to, but I feel like it improved communication skills and ability to be flexible for all of us.

How did you help to create a team environment for a new team?

I always feel that it is important for people to feel like they have a safe space within the team. Provide a sense of belonging. To do this, I encouraged different voices to shine through. When we wanted to come up with calls for plays, it was an open discussion and people were able to contribute things/calls that they felt would work. It was a very collaborative process. Everyone was put on this team for a reason.

What did the team do to manage the heat?

To manage the heat, we made do with what we had. The team socks came in a package with more than the team needed. So, we used the extra socks to put on our necks to cool off by putting them in ice water.

How did the level of competition compare to CRC, given that there were different teams present?

CRC provided a wider range of competition levels. There were small schools all the way to major, varsity programs. The ARPTC tournament had less teams, but the competition was a lot higher. They were squads that eat, sleep, and breathe rugby at residency programs.

What advice would you give to future players for the NCR Selects?

Just go out and give them hell. Make your opponents work for their wins. Improve every game.

You define your own success, and as an NCR Select side this past year, we made it a goal to improve every game. Sure, we lost every game, but we improved every game. Each of us walked away from the weekend with a win. Players from other teams said that they didn’t expect us to put up such a fight or to even score. Just play your game and focus on what you can control.