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Registration FAQs


Club Admin FAQ

As a Club Director, what do I need to do?

(1) If you receive an email to claim your club SportsEngine HQ, please do so.
(2) Complete club signup registration/pay annual club dues. If you complete this process, your club HQ will be claimed. 
(3) Be sure you have the "NCR Manager" and "Org Admin" roles. You can check this by going to the Member Directory, finding your profile, and checking the roles tab. 
(4) Distribute public club affiliation links to players and coaches (club HQ must be claimed first)
(5) Ensure all Members have Membership

Learn more about HQ     *      Guide to Member Directory

What if I don't know what Conference I'm in?
If you've already completed the club signup registration and paid your annual club dues and you selected "I do not know my conference" NCR will follow up to confirm what conference you're in as well as update your registration entry accordingly. 

If you haven't completed the club signup registration and paid your annual club dues yet, you can reference what conference your club is in by clicking on the 'Club List by Conference' link below.

What if I don't know what Club I'm in?
Pleaes reach out to for assistance.


How do I get a Membership for my Members?

Once you have claimed your club, the best way of doing this is by using the Public Club Assignment, which generate an open link you can share that link to attract members to your club. Upon purchase, new members will be added to your directory automatically.

Navigate to our Club HQ > National College Rugby>Membership > Select ‘Generate an Open Link’.

Other options include:

IMPORTANT: Be sure to use the members correct email.

What if my member needs an additional Membership?
Follow the same purchase instructions as above. If a member has a membership they will only be required to pay the difference in pricing.

Accepting Invitations, Club Assignments & Purchasing Membership

Other Important Help Materials:

Granting Org. Admin and NCR Manager Permissions to another Club Director (They must be added to the directory first). 

How do my Members Access their Eligibility Requirements

What if I previously used a club email or my own email instead of a members email and now want to unconnect those profiles from my SportsEngine Account?

You can update your club logo by navigating to the settings tab on the left hand menu, then selecting "Organization Settings" and uploading an image from your files in the Logo section. 

NCR resources are provided to insure that our members fully understand our policies and procedures that are designed to provide the best possible experience on and off the field of play.


If you have any feedback please let us know at